Friday, October 26, 2012

Tony Gordon It's Friday: the up-the-duff edition

please note this post makes reference to the October 25 episode on CBC

Tracy's womb certainly seems to be a powerful entity, if only it could be harnessed for the forces of good - rather than evil. Oh well, let's put Tracy's pregnancy aside for the moment and get down to a little something I like to call, Tony Gordon It's Friday. Off we go:

Ken insists that he is far too old for legovers:
"I"m 73 years old. I'm past any philandering"
(but not past a little Guaranteed Supplement, if you know what I mean)

Deirdre is suspicious of Ken and Wendy:
"I just rumbled you before you had a chance to show her your Kimono"
(the traditional mating ritual of the white haired male Barlow)

Sally facilitates a meeting between Michelle and Ryan using a prop:
"I think we should use this as a talking stick"
(too bad Rosie's not around or she would do just as well)

Michelle can't believe Ryan's naivete:
"Turns out you're thick as pudding"
(and half as useful)

Michelle reveals the happy news to Steve:
"Tracy Barlow's up the duff"
(getting pregnant is one of her best things)

Nick wants to ensure that Audrey searched everywhere for the missing Lewis:
"Did you check the whole train?"
(no just the odd numbered cars)

Tracy reveals the pregnancy news to a shocked Ryan:
"You must be extra virile or something"
(as opposed to Tracy who's just extra vile)

Deirdre to Wendy at the baked goods table:
"Where do you stand on Manchester tarts?"
(just below the lower back, I would imagine)

Michelle wants Steve to do something about Tracy:
"She's your psycho geriatric wife"
(yes, still crazy after all these years)

Kylie gives David a summary of Audrey's love life:
"Con men, trannies, she doesn't have much luck, your Gran."
(Just wait till you hear about Gail's past love life)

Norris points out Lewis's past exploits to Gloria:
"When he robbed Peter Barlow and used Deirdre as a lubricant"
(That's MRS Lubricant to you Norris)

Gloria assesses Norris' spy potential:
"He'd make a decent mole"
(she's referring to the animal, not the double agent)


Well, fellow Corriephiles, that's it for another week. A pretty good week, I'd say, with lots of action: Tracy pregnant (again), Ken on the prowl (again) and Lewis missing in 'action' (again). Poor Audrey. Poor Michelle. Poor Deirdre.  Time will only tell what's in store for them. Have a great weekend and I'll be back next week. Cheers.

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