Friday, October 19, 2012

Tony Gordon It's Friday: The Café Olé edition

please note this post makes reference to the October 18 episode on CBC

There's a lot brewing on the Street. Ken and Wendy are renewing their acquaintance while Deirdre does a slow boil. Maria is healthy and taking a healthy interest in Marcus. And competition in the food industry is ramping up as Mary takes the reins of Roy's Rolls and Nick is not amused. So, on we go, with another edition of Tony Gordon It's Friday, the award-eligible regular feature with some of the week's memorable lines plus pithy comments (now 10% more pithy!). Here goes:

Roy's parting words to Mary on the magic of running a cafe:
"Every day is a voyage into the unknown"
(especially if you use the washroom)

Mary reveals to Anna her grand designs for Roy's cafe while Roy and Hayley are away:
"Roy's Rolls will become Cafe Olé"
(so the full English will now be a full Spanish?) 

Mary uses her Spanish on Norris:
"Come to me my little white dove"
(Norris is more like a constipated budgerigar but whatever...)

Sean tells Jason to keep his hands off the party snacks for Eileen's party:
"Put that vol au vent down!"
(yes, you don't know where it's been)

Jason to Marcus while waiting for Maria to get ready:
"You're so lucky you're into blokes"
(yeah, about that...)

Mary apologizes for a delay in serving customers:
"Currently dealing with a gazpacho health and safety issue"
(try heating it up)

Wendy has a surprise for Ken:
"I've got you a little something"
(what a coincidence...)

Gail to Nick after leaving Cafe Ole:
"That paella smelled lovely"
(Paella? Is she a new worker at Underworld?)

Ken describes his Board of Governor's meeting:
"Long, lugubrious, dull"
(are you talking about the meeting or yourself?)

Deirdre tells Rita she's thinks Ken is having it off:
"I think he's up to his old tricks again"
(well, you know what they say about old dogs...)

Mary disputes the notion that Nick is a strong adversary
"The only tough cookie in that restaurant is on the menu"
(a la carte I believe)

Deirdre is livid when she discovers who Ken is secretly seeing:
"Wendy flaming Crozier, the woman who destroyed my marriage 20 years ago"
(I didn't know Wendy's middle name was 'Flaming')

Well, Corriephiles, it's another wild week on the Street and all hell's about to break loose. can't wait to see the sparks (and dishes) fly when Deirdre confronts ol' Ken. Also keen to see which team Marcus is playing for and will Maria be on the same team (stop with the team references - ed). Time will tell. Thanks as always for visiting. See you soon.

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