Wednesday, January 23, 2013

In praise of Craig Tinker

please note: this post makes reference to the January 22 episode

I'm told that January 21 is the most depressing day of the year and based on what's happening with Lewis and Gail, not to mention Nick and Leanne (don't forget Sunita and Karl - ed), I'm inclined to agree.

In short, Nick's a mama's boy. Gail's off her nut and Karl is a waste of space (that's an insult to space -ed).

So, instead, let's turn our attention to Craig.  Let me be plain (already done -ed): I like Craig. I like everything about him: his pet rat, his relationship with Kirk (a team of equals - ed) and his entrepreneurial spirit.  Most of all, I like Craig because he comes from the same circumstances which have produced some excellent characters on the Street - like Tyrone and Chesney.

As you may recall, Tyrone was first introduced to us as the offspring of one Jackie Dobbs (ex con, skiver and semi-legal opportunist). Ty endured her lies, cheating, unsavoury boyfriends and neglect to become a stand-up kind of guy with great qualities.

Then there's Chesney. Same story. The son of Cilla (forerunner of Beth) who basically had to fend for himself along with his sister, Fiz. But despite the challenges, Chesney turned out just fine and is now a hard worker, a good husband and a dad.

Now, along comes Craig. Same story. Son of Beth Tinker. Beth's a bit of a skiver and usually on the prowl for a bevy and a fella (will Kirk do? - ed). Oh sure, she may be a cut above Cilla and Jackie, but Craig is left mostly to fend for himself and so far, he (and his pet rat) seem to be doing just fine. I'm looking forward to see him become one of my favourite characters.


  1. You forgot Nick's fabulous comment in reference to Mary and her pinata: "I'd like to hit her with a stick and see what falls out!"

  2. Thanks for the comment. As I recall there were a bunch of great lines regarding Mary, the Mexican theme night and the pinata - all in rapid succession. I missed writing that one down but I do remember it now that you mention it. Thanks for pointing it out and all the best.