Friday, January 18, 2013

Tony Gordon It's Friday: The Frisson edition

please note this post makes reference to the Jan 17 episode on CBC

If 'frisson' is French for 'makes my skin crawl', then I agree with Gail. Her romance with the gigoloesque Lewis Archer definitely gives me a frisson. In the meantime, it's time to do that thing we try to do every week: TGIF or Tony Gordon It's Friday, our regular homage to some of the week's memorable lines. Off we go:

Julie is turned on by Brian's kilt, worn in honour of New Year's at the Rovers:
"I find it incredibly sexy"
(even more so if he had shaved his legs or polished his sporran)

Carla discovers Rob's devious scheme to buy Underworld at a cheap price:
"You're fired"
(but it's nothing personal, bro)

Mary is fussing over details for the Bistro's Mexican theme night:
"Has the pinata arrived?"
(Hey, that's no way to talk about Kirk)

Gail complains about Leanne to Lewis:
"500 years ago, she would have been drowned as a witch"
(I'll check with Ken but believe that was in fact the story line for episode one of Coronation Street) 

Lewis confesses to Gail:
"I've developed feelings for you"
(I've developed nausea)

Mary is still fretting about the theme night at the Bistro:
"I want this Mexican night to be a triumph"
(yes, but remember the Alamo)

Mary is upset at Nick's lack of support:
"I'm not happy with you vetoing my pinata"
(no comment)

Nick snaps at Gail's constant interference:
"Who are you to give relationship advice, the succession of freaks and nutters you've had in your bed over the years"
(hey, it's cheaper than buying a hot water bottle) 

Nick is sorry to lose Lewis as an employee:
"Men like him don't grow on trees"
(Nick hasn't yet twigged. Wait till he finds out that Lewis has branched out to his mom)

Gail agrees with Lewis that secrecy is the best course for their budding romance
"Don't want to kill this before it begins"
(like a virus or a horrible evil organism)

Lewis thinks secrecy will add to the thrill of the tryst:
"A bit of cloak and dagger might add a little extra frisson"
(if by frisson, you mean stomach-churning sickness, then I agree)

Well, dear lovers of Corrie, that's it for this week. Like a car accident on the highway, I can't bear to look at the Gail/Lewis affair and yet I can't look away. Have a great weekend, enjoy the omnibus and I'll meet you back here next week for more Hip. Cheers!

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