Thursday, January 24, 2013

Congratulations! It's a Platt!

please note: this post makes reference to the Jan 23 episode on CBC

So Kylie's pregnant. So she doesn't know who the dad is. Could be David, Could be Nicky (I'm surprised Lewis isn't in the running - ed). We simply don't know since Kylie had it off with both of them.

Odd though, don't you think?  Kylie took such care to be on the pill when fending off David's procreative urges. And yet, when she was playing Platt legover roulette and really needed protection, she's suddenly off the pill.

Anyway, as they say, who's your daddy? Sure, Kylie doesn't exactly know who it is, but why so sad?  Let's look on the bright side. Number one: we know it's a Platt. Number two: we know that Gail is the grandmother. Audrey is the great grandmother and (the way things are going) Lewis could wind up being the grandfather (please, not before lunch -ed).

One way or another we'll know soon enough.

If it's Nick's we'll know by some easy tell-tale signs like the little sprog's ears. If they resemble the semaphore-type turn indicators of a 1951 Morris Minor, it's Nick's baby.

If it's David's, we'll also be able to tell primarily by early behavioural signs. If the little sprog tries to wheel his stroller into the canal for no apparent reason, we'll know it's David's baby.

Only time will tell.

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