Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Coronation Street vs. Downton Abbey

please note: no spoilers were used in the preparation of this post

I hate to veer off the course of pure unadulterated Corrie, but I feel compelled by the striking similarities between Coronation Street and Downton Abbey.  Am I out of my mind or is Downton Abbey really Coronation Street with better clothes, posher accents and larger houses?

I think it is.  Upon closer examination, Lord Grantham's vast country estate has more in common with the Red Rec than you might care to admit. Consider a few parallels:

Downton: Lady Edith is wooed by a married newspaper fella whose wife happens to be in an asylum
Coronation Street: Eileen Grimshaw is wooed by a married firefighter fella whose wife happens to have Alzheimer's.

Downton: A feisty Irishman named Branson becomes inextricably involved with the Grantham toffs.
Coronation Street:  Two words: Jim McDonald (so he is)

Downton: A bounder (aka Lewis Archer) turns up and the period gigolo tries to take advantage of Lady Rosamund
Coronation Street: A bounder (Lewis Archer) turns up and the modern gigolo takes advantage of Audrey, Gail (and God knows how many more Platts)

Downton: Lady Edith is jilted at the altar
Coronation Street: Who isn't jilted at the altar? Tyrone, Leanne. Take your pick.

Downton: A gay under butler servant (aka Liam)
Coronation Street: a straight Under world owner (Liam)

Downton: The Countess of Grantham, the acerbic-tongued dowager of Downton with the best one liners
Coronation Street: Blanche Hunt, the original acerbic-tongued dowager of Coronation Street with the best one liners.


  1. And then just last night - when someone is deleriously happy and admits it out loud - they must die. For a Corrie comparison I'm thinking back to Judy Mallett but I am sure there have been others. An admission of happiness is the kiss of death one way or another.
    Meanwhile poor Mathew - and Mary, and baby and... No wonder it's being called "Downer Abbey".

  2. Hi and thanks for the comment. You're right about Downton (just watched last Sunday's episode). I guess now they need a new leading man to replace Matthew. Perhaps one of Corrie's leading males is available? All the best.