Saturday, February 9, 2013

Tony Gordon It's Friday: The Italian for Lovers edition

please note this post makes reference to the Feb 7 episode on CBC

Mamma Mia! What is Gail doing? Si, Gail. Signora McIntyre. Senora Plattisima. Non capisco. You're telling Lewis "Ti amo" but, non lo so. Può ripetere, per cortesia? Perhaps you're getting carried away with that DVD (Italian for Lovers) you bought at the Pound Shop? I know you want to run away with Signor Lewis in campagna but maybe you should think about it, especially now that Audrey has caught you lipo-a-lipo. Grandmamma mia! Let's get to the memorable lines of the week in this edition of Antonio Gordon, It's venerdì:

Nick is flabbergasted when Gail orders too many snacks:
"Who orders 500 jars of olives?"
(The Proclaimers at a bar? - [see Thursday's post])

Steve describes Tracy's traits to Rob:
"She lies, she's manipulative, she's cruel,  she's ruthless, she's vindictive, she's spiteful... You like her don't you?"
(What's not to like?)

Steve again:
"I wouldn't recommend a date with Tracy Barlow to my worst enemy"
(enter Rob)

Kirk is appalled at the marriage shenanigans between Ty and Kirsty: 
"This wedding has turned into a total disaster"
(even worse than Nick and Leanne's?)

Gail fantasizes about la dolce vita with Lewis:
"I think we'd be very happy in Italy"
(well, one of you would)

Julie is devoting herself to Kirsty:
"I promise that I am going to be the best friend you have from now on"
(Hmm, I think some might call that poetic justice) 

Sally advises Sophie of the importance of not being earnest:
"You need to look more for the bad in people"
(another pearl of wisdom from Sally "Mother Teresa" Webster)

Lewis is surprised that Gail has changed her mind about Italy:
"I thought the lady wasn't for turning"
(She's more like the ironing lady, than the iron lady)

Tyrone thinks the detective inspector has already come to a conclusion:
"To him I'm just some meat head who thinks with his fists" 
(No, I believe that would be Kevin or Owen)

Tina has a short summary of Kirsty:
"She's a manipulative cow"
(and udderly beyond contempt)


Well, dear Corrie colleagues, so endeth another week on the Street and things are heating up, especially with La Bella Gail and her Bella Mom. Fancy being caught out snogging the ex-beau of your mother! Oh the humanity! Well, Gail's got some 'splaining to do and I don't think her Italian DVD will help, per favore. Till next week, it's arriverderci! Thanks for stopping by and thanks for your comments. Prego.

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