Saturday, March 9, 2013

Tony Gordon It's Friday: The Binned Tortoise edition

please note this post makes reference to the March 8 episode on CBC

You can tell that the story line about Steve accidentally killing Mandy's pet is about a tortoise... because it moves so slowly. Ba dum dum. But seriously, what does Steve Macdonald have in common with Flash the tortoise? Work ethic? Longevity? Same speed of response to cab customers? No, they've both been known to say: "Where's me shell?"  Ba dum dum. Sorry, too soon? Okay, okay, I'll stop. TGIF or Tony Gordon It's Friday is our weekly round up of memorable lines from the week. Like these:

Gail expresses disdain for Kylie upon hearing the truth about her involvement in the scam:
"I always knew you were poison"
(must be the skull and crossbones tattoo which gave it away)

Gail is anxious to hear Kylie's explanation:
"I'm all ears"
(but that's enough about my appearance, tell me what happened)

Steve offers to Lloyd his cogent analysis of tortoises:
"They don't really do much of anything do they?"
(Wait, are we talking about tortoises or Streetcars staff?)

Steve makes a confession to Lloyd:
"I killed your tortoise"
(Better get the interview room ready at the Weatherfield Police Station)

Gloria's new boyfriend is confused by the hoity-toity menu at the Bistro:
"What's Baba Ganoush?"
(The new guy working at the chippie, I think)

Gail is livid at Kylie's confession::
"How many other men's babies do you want my son to raise?"
(How many have you got?)

Lloyd can't believe what Steve has done to Mandy's pet:
"How am I going to explain that you binned the tortoise in the tip?"
(Slowly... it's what Flash would have wanted)

Eric comforts Eva with some kind words:
"These hands weren't made for manual labour"
(They're more suited to skiving)

Sylvia is planning for a life of sun and relaxation with Eric's money:
"It's about time I got me thongs out of mothballs"
(The mothballs will be so relieved)

Eva's shares her misadventures with men with Eric
"Me on me own with a bottle of vodka and a shed load of tears"
(Sounds like 'Absolut' bliss)


Well, faithful followers of Corrie, we come to the end of another week in the tumultuous Platt family saga. Will Gail ever be happy with her sons and their wives? No. Will she ever reconcile herself to letting David and Nicky get on with their lives? No. Will she always have that patented look of disgust/disdain on her face (you know the one where she looks like she ate half a lime and got indigestion). Yes. Thanks so much for stopping by and I'll meet you here next week. Cheers and have a great weekend.

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