Sunday, April 14, 2013

Tony Gordon It's Friday: the space cakes edition

please note that this post makes reference to the April 11 episode on CBC

So, let me see if I've got this straight. The One O'clock Club is nothing more than a cannabis delivery system for unnaturally happy pensioners, like Breaking Bad for seniors (you mean 'Aching Bad' -ed) or the Munchie Brunch Bunch. O tempus, O mores (don't you mean O smores? - ed).  Just don't call them brownies, they're Stan's Space cakes™. On the plus side, Tyrone has been vindicated and has been released. It's been kind of a good news bad news week all round so let's get on with the tardy TGIF, our weekly round-up of memorable lines (award-free since 2009):

Stan the crossing guard shares his mindset:
"I just imagine me lollipop's an AK47"
(go ahead, make my school day)

After a scary encounter with Kirsty, Julie reveals her dark side to Brian:
"I've broken crockery in anger"
(that's why she takes courses in cup and saucer management)

Julie insists that Kirsty is telling the truth:
"My instincts are never wrong"
(You're wrong about that)

Dennis shares his knowledge of drugs with Sylvia:
"It's quite normal to feel hungry after you've partaken of the weed"
(Weed partaking is a major problem among the elderly)

Sylvia is shocked to learn that she has consumed brownies with cannabis:
"I've just discovered that I have been drugged by a member of the 1 o'clock club"
(Get those coppers off the Rovers' Fire case and round up some seniors)

Tina finds out that Julie has been hit by Kirsty:
"That's what they call irony"
(Actually, that's what they call assault)

Sylvia is unimpressed by Stan's drug colloquialisms:
"I see we've got the lingo down pat"
(yo, yo, Roy my man, slide me a dime bag of custard slice on the down low)

Kirsty bursts into the courtroom with Ruby and a shocking announcement
"He's not a monster. I am"
(Arrest that monster)

The judge is not pleased to see Kirsty with baby Ruby during legal proceedings:
"Please remove the child from court"
(yes and why don't you have Crazy Mary removed from the gallery while you're at it)

Stan continues to seductively push his product on Sylvia:
"I can't stand to see a handsome woman in pain"
(so close your eyes) 


Well, Corriephiles of Canada (and beyond), so ends another week. With all the crime and courtroom drama, it's like CSI Weatherfield on the Street. Let's see what next week brings and if Karl will continue to exacerbate his heinous crime. Thanks for stopping by, have a great week and I'll meet you back here next week for more Corrie.

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