Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Please return the Rovers Return to Coronation Street

please note no spoilers were used in the preparation of this post

Is it just me or do you find Coronation Street a tad claustrophobic without the Rovers Return?

I never realized what an important location the Rovers was before the fire. Yes the Rovers was another convenient locale for dramatic scenes (like the corner shop or Ryan's bedroom) but it was much more and served as a focal point for most, if not all, characters. First and foremost, the Rovers was big so many people could congregate at one time and people could drop in and enter/exit different conversations and story lines. The Rovers was also a place for all kinds of meetings and transactions and conflicts, many occurring simultaneously. And it was a 'bookend' location, serving as a lunchtime meeting spot and after work watering hole.. There were even locales within the Rovers itself (the lavs, booths, behind the bar, the backroom, even the cellar (Yes, Karl, I'm talking to you).

But wait, Corrie, you say, what about the Bistro?

Please, don't make me laugh. The Bistro, with its sterile, upscale decor and elevator music is about as cozy and intimate as Pearson Airport (same prices for drinks too - ed). And the constant presence of Nick hovering around in a state of perpetual angst doesn't help. It's like being served by the crypt keeper.

No, we definitely need the Rovers back pronto. Hopefully Owen and his cowboy builders can expedite work on the project without skimping on quality and materials (like using Melba toast instead of drywall? - ed).  Personally, I'm looking forward to opening day... ASAP.

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