Friday, May 10, 2013

Tony Gordon It's Friday: the luckiest cow in Weatherfield edition

please note this post makes reference to the May 9 episode on CBC

If there's one thing that's not in short supply on Coronation Street, it's male pride. There's Chesney refusing to forgive Katy and take her back because his male pride has been injured. There's Peter Barlow giving Carla grief because she had the temerity to save his decrepit bookie shop. There's Tommy playing silly beggar because of Tina's surrogacy (although to be fair he's right about Gary giving her the glad eye).

Oh well, let's take a look back at some of the memorable lines of the week in this edition of the award-eligible TGIF. Here goes:

Gary tells Izzy that rubbing Tina's belly is all part of the antenatal experience:
"I do want to get stuck in"
(I think you're confusing antenatal classes with legover classes)

Rob to Peter re: Carla's deep pockets:
"Must be nice to have a sugar mummy"
(and this Sunday is Sugar Mother's Day)

Peter tells Leanne to rein in Nick's snarky comments:
"Tell Bistro Boy to back off"
(or  Bookie Boy will clock him one)

Steve (in a towel) chides Ryan for his lack of drinking prowess:
"When I was your age I could drink my body weight in booze"
(to paraphrase Ryan, no-one could drink that much beer)

Leanne tells Peter she wants to cash in her half of the business:
"Your sleeping partner's waking up"
(just press the 'snooze' button)

Carla gives Leanne an estimate regarding the value of the bookie's:
"This business is worth jack"
(and she doesn't mean Duckworth)

Carla congratulates Leanne on accepting a generous offer for the bookies:
"I would say you're the luckiest cow in Weatherfield"
(now she can finally moo-ve on)


Well ladies and gentlemen, that's it for another week. As of Monday, Coronation Street broadcast schedule changes again for many viewers so be sure to check your local listings for the broadcast time in your area or try to find the information on the CBC website. Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend and a festive Mother's Day. Cheers! 

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