Monday, June 17, 2013

Internet dating on Coronation Street? Yikes

please note this post makes reference to the June 14 episode on CBC

So Sally Webster's on one of Weatherfield's premier Internet dating websites. I think it's called eSkiver or or perhaps havalife or something like that. Anyhoo, the point is, Sally is about to meet some e-punter who's been trolling the net looking for a vivacious, mature blonde (but found Sally instead).

Who will be the lucky mysterious man to meet up with Sally? Well, according to Blanche's Polish Hip's expert analysis, here are the top contenders:
A. Kirk  (playing away on Beth?)
B. Norris (he's been pining for a special someone since Angela divorced him)
C. Crazy Mary (could Sally be playing for the other team, despite her protestations?)
D. Bill Webster (the dark horse, but he always considered himself a 'player')

Place your bets...


  1. Street needs a new villain, maybe Sally will attract a wolf in sheep's clothing!

  2. Thanks for the comment. While good quality villains are always welcome on the Street, it may be too soon to introduce a new one with Karl still kicking around. On the other hand, good Corrie villains generally start out as nice upstanding citizens (Tony Gordon, Richard Hillman and John Stape come to mind)so who knows... cheers.