Friday, June 21, 2013

Tony Gordon It's Friday: the many belts of Deirdre edition

please note this post makes reference to the June 20 episode on CBC

I think it was awfully rude of Eileen not to take an interest in Deirdre`s many belts. Apparently old Deirdre has a belt for every occasion: taking Eccles for a walk, drinking red wine, yelling at Tracy, smoking, drinking more red wine etc etc. Where does she buy those belts? Well, I for one would like the "links". Still, belts are not the only topic to surface on the Street (thank God! - ed). Here's quick round-up of some memorable lines from the week.

Rob wants to know the exact financial terms of his departure from Underworld
"The devil is in the details"
(you mean Tracy is in the details?)

Carla objects to Rob calling Peter an alky:
"It's Mr. Alky to you"
(One day maybe even Sir Alky)

Rob isn't impressed by Carla's tale of woe:
"It's enough to bring a tear to a glass eye"
(I didn't know Rob had a glass eye)

Steve comments sagely on his last request:
"I don't want to be buried in case I'm not dead"
(yes but how will we tell?)

Steve assures Deirdre that Eileen is fine:
"Built like a tank, Eileen"
(please, stop with the military flattery, I'm blushing)

Maria is peeved by Marcus' introduction at the gay wedding reception:
"The Lovely Maria?"
(well, at least it's better than 'Built like a tank, Maria')

Sylvia tells Brian she's not a fan of skating:
"If God had meant us to skate, he would have given us blades not feet" 
(Note to CBC: How about a show called 'Battle of the Feet' next season?)

Tina to Tommy regarding the problem of keeping the baby:
"I'm not thick"
(No, just really, really stroppy)

Deirdre professes her love for wine which is not white:
"Red is my favourite color"
(second favourite colour: rosé)

Tina confides in Tommy her feelings about giving up Jake:
"I might as well stick him on eBay"
(that's something Terry Duckworth would do)

Marcus tries to explain his feelings to Maria:
"Woman are from Mars, Gays are from Venus"
(I think that theory comes from Uranus)

Sally desperately searches for the right music to get Dev to leave:
"Put Adele on"
(if that doesn't work, try Dido) 


Well, folks, another week on the Street and Karl is is roaming around free as a bird. Meanwhile, looks like Tina and Tommy are contemplating making a run for it. That hasn't happened since Ty and Fiz went AWOL. Ah well, have a great weekend and see you here next week. Cheers!

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