Sunday, June 16, 2013

Tony Gordon It's Sunday: the nasty bald elf edition

please note this post makes reference to the June 14 episode on CBC

Rob and Tracy are celebrating their two week anniversary. I think that's the stolen silk anniversary (or is it paper?)  Anyway, looks like they could be planning a nice little getaway to mark the occasion (to escape the law?). But seriously, Rob and Tracy are a match made in heaven. After all, they have so much in common: jail time.

Onward with a few memorable quotes from the week that was:

Beth's comments to Sally about her propping up the bar solo:
"There's nothing sadder than a woman drinking on her own"
(two women drinking on their own?)

Sally, fueled by alcohol, tells Norris what she really thinks of him:
"You're a nasty little bald elf"
(The National Association of Elfs has registered a formal complaint about being compared to Norris)

Rob to Tracy:
"You're the only person I know who's as selfish as me"
(No, I'm the only person who's as selfish as me)

Izzy instructs Gary on how to tell her apart from Tina:
"She's the gorgeous one with legs"
(and the hula hoop-sized earrings)

Jenna gives Sally some Internet dating advice:
"If you just want a friend, get a dog"
(Could Sally's mystery date be Eccles?)

Sally ponders life's mysteries at Underworld:
"Sewing knickers gives you time to think"
(About sewing knickers?)

Carla surprises Rob:
"I hear you've got some silk to flog me"
(yes, it was only used on Sundays by a little old lady)

Sally asks for an honest opinion about her wardrobe:
"What do my clothes say about me?"
(Buy some new clothes)

Deirdre is shocked by Tracy's involvement in the silk theft:
"How could you risk another spell in jail?"
(They've already reserved a room for her)

Deirdre summarizes Tracy's boyfriend:
"Rob is a rat"
(yes, but at least he's single)


Whew! Another week on the Street and I'm exhausted. The Sunita saga continues. Tracy and Rob are plotting new adventures. Sally is meeting an online date. Tommy and Tina are getting back together again and Tina doesn't like the name 'Jake'. Oh well. Look on the bright side. It could have been Skyfall or Credenza or something really crazy. As always thanks for stopping by and have a great week.

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