Saturday, July 27, 2013

Coronation Street TGIF: the Celine Dion edition

please note this post makes reference to the July 25 episode on CBC

Yes, it seems Canada figured prominently in last week's Corrie. We seem to be the selected location for Ken Barlow (Deirdre says Ken's here taking care of Adam). Perhaps more interesting is the fact that David Platt took a short break from evilness to use a Celine Dion analogy. Read on...

Crazy Mary is surprised by the police raid at Nick's Bistro:
"I half expected to be strip searched and I'm not dressed for it"
(I'm not sure I can dislodge that disturbing image from my brain)

Leanne argues with Nick about the Bistro:  
"I'm sorry if I enjoy my work"
(and what is that work exactly?)

David notices Leanne's bad mood after an argument with Nick:
"You've got a face longer than Celine Dion"
(It goes on and on)

Leanne is not impressed by Nick's use of the word "disingenuous":
"Swallowed a dictionary?"
(no, he's just having a vowel movement)

Peter has a simple explanation for Carla to explain the success of Underworld
"People always need knickers"
(well, some people do)

Carla tells Peter she's not impressed by the bookies' financial performance:
"I've seen better figures in a plus size catalogue"
(just watch out for the bottom line)

Katy tells Michelle what she thinks of Ryan:
"Your son is an idiot"
(don't sugar coat it. Tell us what you really think)

Tim chats with Sally:
"I love watching movies in bed, me"
(as long as your pajamas don't get stuck in the DVD player)

Jason brings Eileen the latest news:
"Steve superglued his hands together this morning"
(He's like Houdini in reverse)

Jason tells Paul what he thinks about Paul's ill-chosen remarks to Lloyd:
"I don't think you're a racist; I think you're an idiot"
(just line up next to Ryan and the guy who superglued his hands together)

Steve to Lloyd:
"I've always admired your pluck"
(Okay fine, now please get the pluck out of here)


Well, lovers of Corrie, that's it for another week. I have just four words for David Platt: get on with it! If you're going to do something evil, just do it.  Forget about all the devious head games. Sooner or later someone's going to wind up in the canal or at the bottom of the stairs. So just cut to the chase. Have a great weekend and meet you back here next week. Cheers!


  1. You're on a role. a 4 teehee week!

  2. Thanks for the nice comment. If I have provided even one modest tee hee, then my job is done..and I can get back to skiving. Cheers and all the best!