Saturday, August 3, 2013

Coronation Street TGIF: The £35,000 edition

please note this post makes reference to the August 2 episode on CBC

I must confess I'm having a tough time watching poor Hayley go through the excruciating steps of tests, doctor visits and then diagnosis for cancer. It seems so unfair that this unusual but wonderful little family unit (Hayley, Roy and Sylvia) should have to suffer though such anguish and pain. Then, way over on the other side of the spectrum, we have Rob and Tracy.  Say no more. Let's just take a quick peek at some of the week's memorable lines in our regular weekly feature, Coronation Street TGIF (formerly Tony Gordon It's Friday).

Carla tells Peter his promotional scheme is crazy:
"Any idiot can give away money"
(and Peter is proving it)

Deirdre shares a little of her exotic past with new BFF Carla:
"Bit of a dark horse are you Deirdre?"
(hey, who are you calling a horse?)

Deirdre to Carla re: her role in mediating between Peter and Carla:
"Just think of me as Switzerland in glasses"
(I never realized Switzerland had such a deep voice)

Norris to Rita::
"I've gained half an inch"
(you better be talking about your height... or waist)

Rita relays the breaking news to Emily"
"Norris is growing"
(but not in a good way)

Tracy to Rob:
"I am an equal opportunity trouble maker"
(she has a dream... about stealing from Amy's bank account)

Rob to Tracy:
"You're the most evil woman I've ever met"
(BTW, you might want to remove heavy, head trauma objects from your flat)

Rob wins his accumulator bet and wants Peter to pay up:
"You owe me some money"
(Glad to see Rob has grasped the fundamentals of betting)

Deirdre finds out where Tracy got her venture capital from:
"You took money out of Amy's bank account and put it on a horse?"
(relax Deirdre, think of it as an equine-based mutual fund - without the high fees)

Deirdre to Tracy again:
"The word 'shame' just isn't in your vocabulary is it?"
(No it isn't. That's a real... um... sham? Shamu?)


Well, co-Corriephiles, that's it for another week on the Street. David seems to be getting into evil mode again. Karl has disappeared somewhere. Norris is a homeowner. Rob and Tracy are on their way to opening a cutting edge business based on a concept invented 3,000 years ago. Peter is out of the bookie business and Audrey has house problems.  Let's see what happens next week. Thanks for stopping by, for your erudite comments and your company. Have great weekend and I'll meet you back here next week. 

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