Friday, August 16, 2013

Coronation Street TGIF: the Demented Poirot edition

please note this post makes reference to the August 15 episode on CBC

So the penny has finally dropped and the demented Poirot (aka Nick) has finally zeroed in on his tormentor. Speaking of torment, looks like Roy and Hayley are off on holiday in Crazy Mary's camper van. And, Rob and Tracy's dream of opening a 19th century business in the 21st century is one dodgy step closer to reality. And, just to ramp up the torment even more, Eva the Diva is swanning around in fine form. Onward with a few quotes from the week that was:

Leanne continues to snipe at Eva:
"What's that scent you're wearing? Jealously by Calvin Klein?" 
(probably the knock-off version from the market by Alvin Klein)

Leanne receives an anonymous letter about Nick:
"Do you know what your husband was doing - and with who - on Christmas night"
(well it certainly wasn't written by a Barlow. A Barlow would have written 'with whom') 

Sylvia is not impressed by Crazy Mary's vacation suggestion
"A clockwise tour of cathedrals?"
(I think I saw that in a Club Med brochure)

Tracy points out to Rob that she, like Rob's dodgy colleague, is also a murderer:
"Everybody makes mistakes"
(Yes, I bought the wrong kind of yogurt once; Tracy killed a man with a blunt object)

Tracy explains why Rob's prison colleague committed murder:
"That ice cream man provoked him"
(the bastard gave him a vanilla cone when he specifically asked for chocolate)

David offers some encouraging words to Leanne:
"You'll weather the storm like the Titanic"
(maybe David's thinking of a different Titanic?)

Tracy snipes at David:
"Why don't you go home and Google sarcasm?"
(Oh, you'd like that, wouldn't you?)

Rob tries flirting with his probation officer only to be rebuffed::
"I'm happily civil partnered lesbian"
(Is there a Hallmark card for that?)

Well, faithful Corrie comrades, that's it for another week. Looks like the plot is thickening on the David/Nick front.  Only bad things can happen from here on it. But, look on the bright side: Roy and Hayley are having a nice vacation. Rob and Tracy are starting their eJunk shop. Jenna has a temporary job at the caf. (She does know that she is eligible to work at businesses outside Coronation Street, doesn't she?). Enjoy the weekend and thanks so much for stopping by. Cheers!.

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