Friday, August 23, 2013

Coronation Street TGIF: the induced coma edition

please note this post makes reference to the August 22 episode on CBC

What's the deal with Tina McIntyre? Since when did she become DCI Banks, piecing together clues to solve the Platt brothers mystery?
And what's the deal with Gary and Izzy? Who on earth has a baby party in a pub? (two drink minimum for all newborns, hotpot pablum available on request -ed)
And what the heck happened to Mandy? She disappeared faster than Norris Cole at a cash bar.

Just some of the questions I'm left to ponder as we take a look back at some of the memorable quotes of the week in this edition of Coronation Street TGIF.

Peter reveals to Steve the number of pairs of shoes in Carla's collection:
(not including her Crocs)

Carla describes Tracy to Peter:
"The ball breaking excon that eats men for breakfast"
(wait, are we talking about Tracy or Rob?)

Rob apologizes to Tracy for scuttling the idea of cohabitation:
"The last person I want to upset is you"
(yeah, the last guy who did that got a sculpture in the head)

The doctor explains to David the delicate situation of Nick's condition:
"We can't be too careful with head injuries"
(what about head cases?)

Craig expresses his music preferences to Norris
"I don't like rap"
(That's okay. Norris is more of a hip hop fan anyway)

Steve reflects on the missed opportunities in his life:
"I wanted to be like Bruce Springsteen"
(but Steve was 'Born to Run... Streetcars')

Tina spells out the situation for David:
"Your own brother slept with your missus behind your back"
(could happen to anyone)

Lloyd isn't keen on spending more time with Mandy:
"The next instalment of dancing on eggshells"
(his last tango, as it turns out)

Mandy tells Gloria she's worked at better places than the Rovers:
"I've cooked for Robbie Williams"
(Take That, Gloria)

Eva tells Leanne to go home and rest while she sits by Nick's bedside:
"Even I wouldn't make a play for a guy in a coma"
(now that's what I call integrity! Eva's like Florence Nightingale in a thong)

Well fellow friends of Corrie, that wraps up another week on the Street. I'm glad young Craig is back in the picture, but doesn't he know something about Sunita's death? At least that's the impression I had. If so, why isn't he saying something?  I'm sorry to see Mandy leave in such a hurry and with no real fanfare. And, of course, we're all assuming that Nick will make a full recovery. Enjoy the weekend and thanks so much for stopping by. Cheers! .

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