Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Karl Munro's phone answering service

please note this post makes reference to the September 2 episode on CBC

It seems Karl is having a tough time with young Craig, since he discovered that Craig was an accidental eyewitness to his crime. Fortunately for Karl, Craig thinks he (Craig) accidentally burned down the Rovers. That's fine with Karl. Now all he has to do is make sure the troubled teen doesn't spill the beans.

Unfortunately when Craig needs to talk to Karl, Karl doesn't answer his phone (because he's busy lying to Stella). The point is: Karl needs a better phone answering system, like the one you get when you call Bell or Air Canada. I think it might go something like this:

"Hi, you've reached Karl. Your call is important to me so please select from one of the following options.
If you think you saw me kill someone or start a fire at a pub, press 1
If you would like me to lie about Tez, press 2
If your credit card has been lost or stolen... you've got the wrong number, mate
If you've found a pair of strangling gloves, press 3
If your name is Craig or Chesney or summat like that and you think the fire is your fault, press 4
If you want to buy a very small wedding dress, contact Stella Price"


just a quick note: I'll be away for a few days (no, not skiving) but hopefully I'll be able to catch the omnibus on Sunday and do a TGIF afterwards. Cheers.

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