Sunday, December 1, 2013

Coronation Street TGIF: the vortex egg edition:

please note this post makes reference to the Nov 29 episode on CBC

Apparently there's only one way to make a poached egg and that's with a swirling vortex of boiling water in a pot. At least that's what Roy Cropper says. Personally I prefer scrambled and that doesn't work so well in boiling water (I've tried).

Elsewhere?  Todd seems to be even more of a skiving waster than Ryan. Tina got tele-dumped by Tommy. Brian doesn't want to be a foster parent. David is being pathetic (again). Hayley is working on Carla's wedding dress but the initial blueprints sketches look like a cross between Cinderella and Lady Gaga. Onward with some memorable lines from the week that was:

Roy reveals his surprising interest in Deep Purple and the Royal Philharmonic:
"Two species bound together by sound"
(... and drugs)

Roy to Hayley:
"I always thought your guilty pleasure was glam rock"
(subsequently reinforced by designs for Carla's wedding dress)

Sean to David who has had too much to drink:
"Why did the drunken self-pitying misery guts cross the road?"
(to get to the other side?)

David to Sean
"I hate me"
(there's a Facebook page for that with thousands of followers)

Deirdre commiserates with Carla over the wedding dress dilemma:
"I was in suits for three of my weddings"
(the groom wore a dress) 

 Deirdre tells Rita the sad news about Tina - in front of Tina:
"Tommy finished with her on the phone from the Canaries"
(could have been worse. He could have sent a text)

Lloyd explains Streetcars' complicated HR compensation policy to Todd:
"Work first, then get paid"
(Todd's not familiar with the concept)

Carla has second thoughts about asking Hayley for help with her wedding dress:
"I just made the biggest mistake in the history of the world"
(just wait till you marry Peter Barlow)

Kylie is fed up with David hanging around:
"Go back and crawl under your rock"
(He can't. Even his rock kicked him out)

Brian explains to Marcus why he became a teacher:
"Pedagogic propaganda"
(Damn you, Mr. Chips!)

Gail feels sorry for David:
"He hates himself for what he's done"
(not as much as we do)

Well, fellow companions in Corriedom, we reach the end of another week and we look forward to Carla's wedding, David's new living arrangement (with Gran) and Todd's meteoric rise in the taxi business (or not). Thanks so much for stopping by and visiting. Have a great week and I'll meet you back here next week.


  1. It's designs, drawings, sketches, even patterns, but never blueprints! It's a dress, not a building!

  2. Oops! My bad. However, in my defence, the dresses in the first 'sketches' did look a little 'structural'. Thanks for the comment and all the best!

  3. Yes, Hayley may be an excellent seamstress and dressmaker, but she'd never be mistaken for a fashion designer.