Monday, December 2, 2013

Nick's volcano meltdown: I can't believe it's not lava!

please note this post makes reference to the December 2 episode on CBC

Poor Nick. His rehab is going slowly and it doesn't help when his family keeps placing him in stressful, noisy situations like a loud children's Halloween party or a wild hen-do at the Bistro or now a high-pressure school project on volcanoes for Simon.

How is Nick supposed to keep calm while searching for technical volcanic terminology like 'fissure vents', 'andesitic lava', 'magma chamber' and 'core–mantle boundary'? And what is that red stuff that comes out of the crater? No, it's not lava. It's like that cheap viscous wine you get at the Rovers. Merlot? Zinfandel?

Doesn't matter. Anyway the point is maybe it would be better for Nick to take it easy for a few months and stay away from the Bistro?  Couldn't someone else help Simon with his volcano project? Grandma Deirdre knows a lot about smoking and that involves ash and fire. And what about Peter? He has a keen understanding of the eruption of deadly gases. After all, he accidentally set fire to his apartment.

Surely someone can give Nick a break before he blows his top - again.

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