Friday, January 24, 2014

Coronation Street TGIF: The Canadian content edition

please note this post makes reference to the Jan 23 episode on CBC

Canada generally doesn't get much attention on Coronation Street but Thursday's episode was an exception.  Our home and native land came up for discussion in the Rovers which led to a few choice 'canuggets'. Audrey has been there (done that), Sean had a Canadian boyfriend and Deirdre has photos. In other news, Steve is faced with a vasectomy, Hayley is not doing well, Jason's Dad is hanging around, Marcus & Maria are secretly looking for a house,Tina's gone and people are asking questions. But let's start with the Canadian content (we deserve it, don't we?):

Sean offers his opinion when Canada comes up in a discussion at the Rovers:
"I've always fancied Canada, me"
(I'm sure the feeling's mutual)

Audrey joins in with her memories of the Great White North:
"Lovely bacon, I do remember that"
(anything else? or just the bacon?)

Sean continues the Canadian theme:
"I was dating this lad from Quebec" 
(Is this the first line of an x-rated limerick?)

Tell us more about your boyfriend, Sean...
"He spoke fluent French, did my Mountie"
(Il ne regrette rien)

One more from Sean:
"I do love a foreign tongue"
(but he can take or leave other languages)

Kylie is shocked to find David doing the ironing:
"There's a difference between making yourself useful and acting all weird and creepy"
(David definitely falls into the latter category)

Gail longs for the sensible movies of yesteryear:
"You didn't see Rock Hudson ripping off Doris Day's underwear"
(It takes time to remove a petticoat - especially when you play for the other team)

Gail finds David & Kylie's list of pros and cons and reads one of the cons:
"Her spagbol sometimes tastes like dog food"
(On the plus side, maybe you should invite Eccles over more often)

Steve doesn't like Michelle pushing him to have THE operation:
"It's vasectomy not vasectayou"
(On the other hand, you'll need to see a urologist, not a me-ologist) 

Todd describes his birthday plans:
"I just want to go to Canal Street, get bladdered and cop off"
(Otherwise known as 'Mondays')

Michelle gives Steve some bad news:
"A total ban on all bedroom action"
(even snoring)


Well, fellow 'Street' Urchins, so ends another week on the Street. Peter was playing away and now Tina's moved away. What will he do next?  What will Liz say?  And who exactly is 'Lady Gogo' anyway? (Only Audrey knows for sure). Thanks for stopping by and visiting the Hip. Have a great weekend and we'll meet again right here next week. Cheers!

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