Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The Survival of the 'Fittest' on Coronation Street

please note this post makes reference to the Jan 28 episode on CBC

Have you noticed the physical fitness trend sweeping the Street lately? Ever since handsome personal trainer Kal Nasir showed up in a track suit, Corrie citizens have been signing up for a healthier lifestyle. It started with Dev, then Nick and now Michelle and Steve are on the verge of an exercise/diet regime.

This is nothing short of revolutionary in a place where people usually only run to make last call at the Rovers, where the only weights lifted are pints of ale, where a 'smoothie' usually refers to a con artist like Lewis Archer, where... (get on with it! - ed).

Anyhoo, I applaud the arrival of Kal in the name of 'fitness' although I do find his training facilities decidedly downmarket.
Jogging on an indoor track? (Naw, let's just run up and down the cobbles outside the Rovers).
Weights and exercise in a nice gym? (Naw, let's just do it on the Red Rec next to the broken bottles and litter).  
Post-workout nutrition and a protein shake? (Naw, just a lager at the Bistro).

Nevertheless, I'm glad more and more Streeters are catching the fitness bug. I hope it continues. I'd love to see Norris in his sweater vest working up a sweat on an elliptical trainer or treadmill... preferably at high speed.

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