Sunday, January 19, 2014

Coronation Street TGIF: the hideosities edition

please note this post makes reference to the Jan 17 episode on CBC

A few key developments this week: Jason's Dad is back and Tina says she's leaving. Elsewhere, the sad saga of Hayley continues, Peter continues to be a cad, Nick and Leanne are struggling and Kylie is imbibing industrial quantities of booze. Sally uses the term 'hideosities' and Sophie's writing an article for a homeless shelter magazine. Also, Rob and Tracy are set to move into Deirdre's (why? - ed). Onward with some lines from the week that was:

Roy weighs in on Beatrix Potter's stories:
"I remain largely unimpressed by tales of talking wildlife"
(What does the Fox say... about that?)

Peter comments to Tracy about Rob:
"You know what Tracy? You've got terrible taste in men"
(and he should know. He's the poster boy for women with terrible taste in men)

Deirdre tells Sean she can't shake a haunting mental image
"I keep thinking about Rob walking around without his pants"
(The Horror, the horror)

Sally is proud of her new saying:
"One bad apple could spoil the whole pie"
(wasn't that a Jackson 5 song?)

Gail explains her distinctive scent to Stella:
"I am using a new shower gel"
 (Chin and Shoulders?)

Hayley quoting the title of a Beryl Bainbridge book: 
"Death is an awfully big adventure"
(stay strong)

Carla to Peter
"You're a fantastic husband"
(and a fantastic two-timer)

Deirdre to Rob:
"You're a vain egomaniac"
(Yes I am)

The message on the t-shirt which Simon gave to Carla:
"Keep calm and kill zombies"
(In terms of productivity, the Underworld staff are sometimes compared to the walking dead)

Kylie reveals her despair to David
"Everything's pointless"
(what's your point?)

Well, Corrie comrades, so ends another week. I can hardly wait to hear about Sophie's article in the homelessness magazine. Will the topic be: "The impact of government policies on Britain's homeless population" or "Who stole Sally Webster's handbag?"  Only time will tell. Have a great week and thanks for stopping by.

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