Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Stop the Peter & Tina legover clock!

please note this post makes reference to the Jan 14 episode on CBC

Let the record show that on January 14, 2014 CCT (Canadian Corrie Time), Peter Barlow did willfully have it off with Tina McIntyre. Approximate time of legover: 7:02 p.m. That's about seven days which have elapsed since we started the clock. Frankly, I'm impressed by the illicit lovebirds' restraint.

It must be like Deja Vu for ol Peter. Seems like only yesterday that he was playing away with Carla while Leanne was blissfully unaware. Now Carla is the new Leanne and Tina is the new Carla - if you catch my meaning. Anyway, the point is that the die is cast. One legover inevitably leads to another and before you can say "in flagrante delicto", they'll be caught and it will all end in tears. Well, probably not Peter's...

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