Saturday, February 1, 2014

Coronation Street TGIF: the 'jam' session edition

please note this post makes reference to the Jan 31 episode on CBC

It's nice to see Dev and Stella having a posh night out at the merchants' ball even if it's ruined by fellow shop owners, Rob and Tracy. Elsewhere I really don't  like Owen's deal or the fact that he's leveraged up to his eyeballs for this construction project. Is anyone else having flashbacks to poor Joe McIntyre who got on the wrong side of a loan shark in similar circumstances?  Todd is acting Toddlike and trying to sabotage Marcus' relationship with Maria. Friends of Hayley get together to make jam and Roy tries to keep it together. Leanne and Nick figure out their future and whether they have one. Roll out the quotes from the week:

Dev considers whether he wants to continue training with Kal:
"I've been ruminating"
(well, just don't do it in public)

Eileen warns Liz about her ex, Tony:
"He's got a lot of notches on his bedpost"
(probably a four-poster)

Eileen warns Todd not to mess with Sean:
"That lad is worth ten of you"
(think of it as the Canadian dollar versus the US dollar)

Kal wonders what's bothering Stella::
"The little mardy bloke from the corner shop?"
(no, it's not Norris. Good guess though)

Stella reflects on her outfit for her date with Dev:
"I look good in black"
(maybe you should date Johnny Cash?)

Gary urges Anna to support Owen's deal: 
"Life's a game of chance"
(in this case, more like a game of Risk)

Anna has faith in Owen:
"I think you could move mountains, if you set your mind to it"
(but start by taking out the garbage) 

Owen to Anna:
"This is a life changer"
(or at least a ten-to-life changer)


Well fellow watchers of Weatherfield. So ends another week. Rumour has it that the producers of Corrie (ITV) are planning to develop a similar program based in Canada for a Canadian audience (or so I have read on the Internet). Could this be true? And, more to the point, could it work?  We'll be watching closely. In the meantime, thanks for stopping by and have a great week. Cheers!

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