Monday, April 7, 2014

Coronation Street TGIF: The return of Kev edition

please note that this post makes reference to the week of April 1-4 on CBC

The big news is that Kevin Webster is back and he's in fighting form as evidenced by the way he tackled a would-be burglar at the Webster's (well, it actually turned out to be Tim, but good work anyway, Kev)). So let's review a few of the good lines from the week.

Tyrone to Tim re: Kevin Webster:
"He's smarter than he looks"
(Smarter than that, surely?)

Eileen summarizes the day's events for Jason:
"Your brother had sex with Marcus, and Maria caught them in the act"
(anything else?)

Rita commiserates with Maria at the Rovers:
"We're all fools when it comes to love"
(At least Dennis wasn't caught with Todd in a show home)

With the return of Kev, Tim feels insecure and tries to get closer to Sally:
"I think that I love you, sort of"
(that's quite a commitment, sort of)

Sean summarizes Marcus:
"Bi now, gay later"
(and he's not being straight with Maria either)

Sally tries to stop Kevin from beating up a home intruder:
"He's not a burglar, he's my boyfriend"
(although one could say the distinction is quite subtle) 

That's it for last week. Let''s see how Kev and Baby Jack adapt to life in the Street this week.

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  1. There seem to be quite a lot of subtle distinctions on that street!