Friday, May 30, 2014

10 things which may impact Todd Grimshaw's face

please note this post makes reference to the May 28 episode on CBC

What's happening with that nice Todd Grimshaw? He goes out of his way to correct grammar, tell people the truth and borrow money - yet no one seems to like him. More to the point, he seems to provoke unwarranted acts of violence directed on his person, but mostly his face. Here's a Top 10 list of things which may eventually wind up coming into contact with Todd's face. (items which have already occurred are crossed off).

1.   Maria's cell phone 
2.   Flying hotpot
3.   Maria's iPod
4.   Irate Streetcars customer
5.   Maria's desktop computer
6.   Tyrone's fist
7.   Maria's plasma TV
8.   Eileen's right hook
9.   Pint of lager from male bar staff (i.e. Sean Tully) 
10. Ozzy's snout


  1. Oh please, let one be Marcus' fist! And don't forget Jason, (maybe with a beer mug?) since Todd's such a jealous, spiteful piece of work these days. He could say one too many nasty things to their mother, which would be the last straw .
    What could possibly have happened in (that) London, to have caused such a change?

  2. Thanks for the comment. I confess, I too wonder what happened to Todd in London to make him return as such a nasty piece of work. It seems that leaving the Street for uni is rarely a positive thing (e.g Amber, Ryan and now Todd). Thanks & all the best.