Saturday, May 17, 2014

Coronation Street TGIF: The Latvian enhancement edition

please note this post makes reference to the May 16 episode on CBC

Well, it certainly looks as if Kal's fitness training regimen now includes not just push ups -- but also legovers (if you know what I mean).  And, once people find out, Kal will also be doing a lot of cardio (i.e. running away from Nick). Elsewhere, Maddy continues to cause trouble while Lloyd and Steve prepare for the 5 K event. And, of course, Maria continues to lust after Tyrone (well, sort of). Last but not least, Beth (with fanfare similar to the IOC), has revealed the location of her cosmetic surgery: Latvia. In terms of memorable lines, it's a rather sparse week but here goes:

Beth is doing some quality research about her upcoming cosmetic surgery:
"More people have their boobs done than have their tonsils out"
(But none of them appear in the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition)

Beth again, paraphrasing Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman:
"No one sets out to be a prossy."
(it certainly wasn't one of the career day booths at my high school)

Steve complains to Michellle about Kal's demanding training techniques:
"He had me doing these things called burpees"
(not to mention the 'punch in face' thing)

Tim to Sally:
"Why do you have to be such a snob?" 
(I dunno, why is there a Scottish guy on Canadian Tire money? Just one of life's mysteries, I guess)

Eva's plan to console Leanne and her love life woes:
"We gonna have a glass of wine, something salty and a good ball"
(Is it possible to combine those three things? Might save some time.)

Well, Corrie Carousers, so ends another week as Tim leaves Sally (at least for the time being). Don't forget that Corrie will be shown on Tuesday May 20 from 7pm - 8pm (in the East) but do check your local listings for the broadcast time in your area. On Tuesday, Corrie is followed by George Stroumboulopoulos' interview with Prince Charles (can't wait to find out what he thinks about Tegan & Sara). Thanks to Barbara at The Stroumboulopouli for the head's up.

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