Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Coronation Street workout routines at V Court Gym

please note this post makes reference to the May 13 episode on CBC

What's a Burpee, you ask? Good question. Off the top of my head, I would say a Burpee is what happens when you eat a hotpot too quickly and chug a pint of bitter a combination squat, push-up and vertical jump performed in quick succession.

Anyhoo, since we're seeing more scenes at the new V Court Gym, it seems appropriate to offer some sample training routines for Corrie watchers thinking about getting into shape (surely not? - ed).

The Steve McDonald Routine (for beginners):
- Getting changed into gym gear (works abs, legs and arms): 1 rep
- Signing the forms (works arms and wrist muscles): 1 rep
- Burpee (works the abs, thighs and quads): 1/2 rep
- The Plank (an exercise, not a description of Steve): 1 rep
- Getting hit in the face by Nick (works the chin and face muscles): 1 rep
- Treadmill (remember to switch it on next time): 20 min
- Stretching (the truth mainly, when talking to Michelle): 5 min

The Nick Tilsley Routine (advanced):
- 3 hours of cardio (Kal's orders)
- 300 push ups (works the arms, shoulders, abs -if you don't collapse)
- 3,000 bicep curls (up from 20 last week - what's going on, Kal?)
- 1,000 crunches (is that all?)
- 250 lunges (mostly at Steve)
- The Plank (the exercise, not Steve)
- Hit Steve in the face (only once)

The Gail McIntyre Routine (optional):
- bring a fresh towel for Nick: 1 rep
- wipe Nick's sweaty brow: 5 reps
- give Nick a fresh bottle of water: 2 reps
- interrupt Nick's exercise routine because you're his mother and Kal is pushing him too hard: 1 rep
- cardio-mithering of Nick (1 hour or throughout Nick's training session - whichever comes first)


  1. Gave your blog a plug re: upcoming two NEW episodes of Coronation Street preceeded by Strombo's interview with Prince Charles.

  2. Thanks for the comment and the plug! All the best,

  3. Nick Tilsley Routine is very hard.