Saturday, June 14, 2014

Coronation Street TGIF: the born to be gobby edition

please note this post makes reference to the June 12 episode on CBC

Poor Tina. Can the miracle workers at Weatherfield General save her? She's too gobby and too stroppy but that's no reason to clobber her with a pipe, Rob. Let's hope for the best. Onward with some of the lines of the week that was:

Peter explains to Tina and why he couldn't run away with her to Portsmouth:
"So are we cool?"
(I dunno, let's ask Tina..)

"No, Peter, we are not cool"
(Well, Peter, there was no harm in asking)

Peter explains the scratches on his face to Norris and Mary:
"It was a cat"
(wait, you were having an affair with a cat too?)

Peter confesses to Carla:
"For the last few months, until recently, I was having an affair"
(well, thanks, that clears things up)

Rob dislikes Peter for many reasons but mostly sartorial:
"He wears waistcoats for God's sake"
(why, that pretentious cad. How dare you, sir?"

Peter tells Carla when his affair with Tina started:
"This bit's not very nice"
(Okay, so which bit is nice?)

Carla summarizes the egregious behaviour of Peter:
"You copped off on our wedding day"
(yes, but on the plus side, wasn't it a lovely ceremony?)

Tina boasts of her loquaciousness to a desperate Rob:
"I was born gobby"
(Do you mean the house elf in Harry Potter... or something else?)

Rob to Tina:
"You'll die gobby too"
(but it's nothing personal)

Michelle to Peter:
"Why can't you keep it in your pants?"
(why don't chickens have lips? It's just the way of the world)

Carla to Peter:
"You chose to drop your trousers"
(unless he lost his belt)

Nick finds out that Leanne and Kal have been seeing each other:
"Once a whore..."


Well, what a week that was. Attempted murder, engagement parties, lies, police, intrigue and Gangham Style dancing... and that's just the opening credits (ba dum bum). Anyhoo, as you know, Corrie is being buffeted around again schedule wise. First it was the Stanley Cup displacing our beloved Corrie and now the World Cup has effectively bounced Coronation Street to 11:00 am (in the East) for the time being. The moral of the story is please check your local listings for the correct broadcast time in your area until we get back to normal. Thanks for dropping by and spending time at the Hip. Cheers and have a great week!

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