Saturday, June 28, 2014

Coronation Street TGIF: the Justin Flaming Bieber edition

please note this post makes reference to the June 27 episode on CBC

Well, whatever happens in the Windass/Armstrong family, it's not going to be good. There's Owen wound up tight as a drum, Gary who could go off on one at any time, Katy's moral high road and Anna's guilt. Not to mention Faye and Izzy. If I were Phelan, I would stay out of the country for a long time. Oh yeah, there's that Tina murder thing as well. Onward with a few memorable lines from last week:

Gary tells Anna what he thinks of Faye dancing to Katy Perry all the time:
"It could be worse, it could be Justin Flaming Bieber"
(interesting, I didn't know his middle name was 'Flaming')

Tim to Tracy as he surveys the rings at the junk shop:
"I'm skint not tight"
(well, both really)

Michelle to Steve re: his reasons for lying about Peter's affair
"I can't get over your stupidity Steve"
(well, give it a bit of time)

Steve tells Liz and Lloyd that he's determined to stay out of trouble with Michelle:
"I'm drawing a circle of ignorance around me"
(I believe it's been there for quite a while)

Tim insists to Julie that he pulled out all the stops when he proposed to Sally:
"I bought her steak and chips and a bottle of plonk"
(and we had real cutlery as well)

The police inspector questions Carla about her position as CEO of Underworld:
"No glass ceiling in the knicker business?"
(When you're in ladies' underwear, it doesn't matter if you're a man or a woman)

Carla to the police re: the death of Tina:
"I didn't kill the bitch"
(can you be more specific?)

Sally refutes the idea that Tim is just a window cleaner:
"Windows are only one arm of his business"
(The other arm is in a bucket of soapy water)

Gary wants to know what's going on with Owen and Anna:
"Let's have some honesty at last"
(oh oh)


Well, fellow Street Urchins, so ends another week on the Street. Carla seems to be a person of interest for the police. The Windasses are in crisis and Tina''s Mom is in town for Tina's funeral. And what's going on with that Andrea anyway?  Ah well, time will tell. Oh, and by the way: here's my slogan as to why World Cup fans should really be watching Coronation Street: "Less biting, more fighting" or how about, "Fewer choppers, more coppers" (that's enough - ed). Have a great week!


  1. "Less chomping, more stomping." "More seething, less teething". "Less chewing, more stewing." etc. etc.

    As for Master Bieber (still not a "mister") , I wonder, is he "flaming", or, "When you're in ladies underwear, it doesn't matter if you're a man or a woman" - is he into that?

  2. Your slogans are better than mine... and more plentiful. Thanks for the comment and all the best