Thursday, June 26, 2014

A 'Farewell to Tina' special? Really?

Please note no spoilers were used in the preparation of this post

If you haven't seen the promos, it's true. CBC is airing a 30-minute special this Friday (June 27) at 7 p.m. (please check your local listings for the correct broadcast time in your area).

A 30-minute special? That's a whole lot of stroppiness to fit into half an hour. And just how many slo-mo shots of Tina pouring ale on the heads of customers do we really need to see? Will Andi Petrillo be doing an earring analysis?

I confess I'm perplexed.

After all, as I recall, there was no 'Farewell to Stape' or 'Farewell to Frank Foster'. Was there even a 'Farewell to Hayley' special? I don't remember one. Well, I guess whatever turns your crank. Mind you, I'm not saying I won't watch it... I just won't enjoy it.

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