Friday, June 20, 2014

The ballad of Coronation Street's Tim & Sally

please note this post makes reference to the June 19 episode on CBC

Let's take a breather from the Tina/Steve/Michelle/Peter/Rob debacle and turn our attention to the lovely Sally Webster and her suitor, the charismatic Tim. Tim wants to take the relationship to another level (sea level? - ed) while Sally wants to keep things light and non-marital.  In a nutshell, with apologies to Sonny and Cher, I present the Ballad of Tim and Sally... to the tune of "I got you, babe".

Tim: They say we're old and we don't know
But I’m pumped up to see that flower show
Sally: Well I guess that’s great but I’m a nag
So why don’t you just go to your friend’s stag

Tim & Sally: Babe, I got you babe
I got you babe.

Sally: They say you went and bought a ring
But I’m just looking for a carefree fling
Tim: Your mithering has grown on me
I think I’ll ask if you will marry me

Tim & Sally: Babe, I got you babe
I got you babe

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