Sunday, July 27, 2014

Coronation Street TGIF: the "Run Laddie, Run" edition

please note this post makes reference to the July 25 episode on CBC

I confess that I was off skiving for most of last week (that's hardly news - ed) so my normal Coronation Street watching routine was disrupted.

From what I've been able to surmise, Maddy's back (ho hum - ed), Gail is gettin' chummy with a felon (what else is new? - ed), Todd's evil (no surprise - ed), Marcus is leaving, Denis is smarming his way back into Rita's good books and, hmm, what am I missing? Oh yes, that pesky murder investigation. Looks like Detectives Hawthorne & Vanner (which is which? - ed) are back on the scene and closing in on a prime suspect (Eccles? - ed). Now for some lines from the week that was:

Deirdre fears the worst when the police show up:
"You're not going to take Eccles into custody?"
(Looks like Eccles' next walk could be a perp walk)

After one night at the Bella Vista B&B, Deirdre tells Peter how she's feeling:
"Just been chucked out of me house and discovered I'm part of a murder investigation"
(not only that but Trip Advisor only gives the Bella Vista a one-star rating) 

Deirdre to Peter"
"Did you kill Tina?"
(Can I get back to you on that?)

Eileen warns Michael:
"Any man who spends time with Gail, well they usually end up dead. Run laddie, run" 
(also, she does tend to be a bit clingy at times)

Gail confesses somewhat to Michael:
"It's fair to say I've had a complicated history with men"
(It's fair to say that the Pope is Catholic)

Gail again:
"I don't know whether I've just been unlucky or if I'm cursed"
(Hey, anyone could meet and marry a series of psycho nutbars)

Deirdre recounts her night at the B&B:
"The bed could have made itself; it felt like it was alive"
(A self-making bed? Do you pay extra for that?)

Tony to Todd:
"You didn't just kiss the Blarney Stone, you swallowed it whole"
(that would explain all the sick days he took at Street Cars)

Norris refutes Rita's claim that Denis is being supportive:
"A noose is supportive"
(...and leaves you hanging. Like Denis)

Deirdre to Tracy:
"I was always hoping you'd be musical"
(She can't hum a few bars but she has been behind bars)

Well, Coronation Street Nation, so ends another week. I suppose Hawthorne and Vanner will continue gathering evidence and the murder investigation will continue while Rob goes to the movies. Thanks for stopping by and all the best. Cheers!

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