Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The Peter Barlow Interrogation... Underworld style

please note this post makes reference to the July 28 episode on CBC

I can't help wondering what the Peter Barlow interrogation would be like if the detectives used the same work ethic and schedule as the intrepid staff at Underworld. I think it might go something like this...

Interview with Peter Barlow starting at 19:24. Detective Constable Vanner and Detective Sergeant Hawthorne are the interview officers.

Detectives: How do you explain the charm being in the outhouse?
Peter: I can't because I didn't put it there.

Interview paused at 20:29 for bathroom break and gossip. Interview with Peter Barlow resumed at 20:45

Detectives: But you agree the bracelet must have been in the outhouse at some point?
Peter: Yeah, it looks that way

Interview paused at 20:48 for tea break. Tea break extended while Detectives look for chocolate digestive biscuits. Interview with Peter Barlow resumed at 21:17

Detectives: You were seen entering the ginnel?  Is that correct?
Peter: Yeah, I needed a smoke to calm me nerves down.

Interview paused at 20:48 for cake run. Suspect requests bacon barm. Detectives indicate preference for lemon slice. Interview with Peter Barlow resumes at 21:32

Detectives:  We need you to accompany us downstairs to the charge desk
Peter: You can't do this. You can't do this.


  1. Detective Constable Vanner looks like Mr. Bean's brother
    Loved the reference to tea...lemon slice and chocolate digestive biscuits. If the interrogation went around the clock the breakfast break could have been a bacon barm or bacon butty,

  2. Thanks for the comment and the observation about Detective Vanner (I wonder if he drives a Mini with a removable steering wheel). Of course, if the interrogation went around the clock, the 'Underworld' work ethic would require double overtime. All the best.

  3. This entire storyline is full of holes, with ridiculous inaccuracies in police methods, and implausible plot devices, all much like the lingerie produced in that anachronistic factory