Saturday, August 2, 2014

Coronation Street TGIF: the Climb Snowdon edition

please note this post makes reference to the July 31 episode on CBC

The big news. Julie revealed her list of things to achieve before turning 40. Here it is:

1. Turn 39
2. Climb Snowdon using Norris as a sherpa
3. Find Brian and kill him
4. Learn a foreign language
5. Play the lead role in an amateur all-female production of Equus
6. Master Chou pastry
7. Find out who Master Chou is
8. Kick Denis the Moocher out of her flat

(Note: I may have embellished the list in the interests of entertainment.) Well, Julie can tick off number 8. Done. Elsewhere, Peter is in jail and angry because no-one believes he's innocent. Lloyd has a bust up with Andrea just because she forgot to tell him she was married. Denis is trying to finesse his way back into Rita's life. Now, some lines from the week that was.

Steve tells Michelle he likes the idea of her as a cheerleader:
"I like pom poms"
(Get a room, Steve)

Norris tries to warn Rita about Denis:
"He's using your grief as a Trojan horse"
(Dennis is Rita's Achilles' heel)

Lloyd buys Andrea a delicacy in the Rovers:
"I knew you liked scratchin's"
(That's about the only thing you know about her)

Tracy to Deirdre re: Peter:
"Even if he killed that girl in cold blood, we still have to stand behind him"
(Now there's a real vote of confidence)

Deirdre tries to make small talk during her prison visit with Peter:
"So have you met anyone nice in here? 
(Yes, there's an amiable serial killer in the next cell) 

Steve agrees to say nothing when Michelle reveals the truth about Andrea:
"I've got a PhD in secrecy"
(from the University of Plank)

Steve is compelled to reveal the truth about Andrea to Lloyd:
"She's a lying, cheating, married cow"
(Yes, but she excelled in her history exam)

Well, fellow Street Urchins, the week ends with Peter stuck in jail, with no lawyer and Tracy as his biggest supporter. I guess things can't get much worse. And Lloyd? What's wrong with that man? He seems to court disaster. If he continues like this, he's in danger of becoming the next Fred Elliot (personal motto: if it moves, marry it). 

Ah well, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a knock-down, drag out, slap fight between Norris and Dennis. Let the combatants enter the Octagon. Thanks for stopping by. Have a great weekend and see you back here next week. Cheers! 

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