Friday, August 29, 2014

Coronation Street prison nicknames

note: no spoilers were used in the preparation of this post

Now that Jim "the Landlord" McDonald is on the scene (supplying Peter with alcoholic beverage solutions), a reader wondered about suitable prison nicknames for other Corrie denizens. Suggestions included: David "the Devil's Spawn" Platt, Carla "the Black Widow" Connor, and Roy "the Conductor" Cropper. With that challenge in mind, here are my ten nominees for the top Corrie prison nicknames.

1. Steve "The Son of Landlord" McDonald
2. Norris "the Weasel" Cole
3. Rita "the Songbird" Sullivan
4. 'Ken "the Pedant" Barlow
5. Deirdre "the Baritone" Barlow
6. Darryl "the Rat" Tinker
7. Dennis "the Moocher" Tanner
8. Gail "the Mitherer" Platt
9. Kal "the Fit" Nazir
10. Todd "the Slimeball" Grimshaw

Feel free to add your own suggestions...

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