Saturday, August 30, 2014

Coronation Street TGIF: The Lord of the Kebabs edition

please note this post makes the reference to the August 28 episode on CBC

As they say in Lord of the Rings: One kebab ring to rule them all! In other words, Kirk and Beth are officially getting married. My vote for best man? Darryl the Rat. He's dependable and looks good in a suit.

Elsewhere, Ken and Deirdre are off on a caravan adventure to an unsuspecting country close by. One might even say 'Save the Wales!' (Get on with it - ed). Jenna has left. Andrea and Lloyd are together. Max is getting more difficult by the second. Gail and Michael are an item. Nick is faking brain injuries to guilt-trip Leanne and Kal. Peter is getting his prison booze from The Landlord.

Kirk is called upon to read 'Three Little Pigs' to a bunch of kids:
"Once upon a time there was a so"
(So far the story seems pretty sow sow)

Tracy's reaction on seeing Gail and Michael acting lovey dovey:
"Pass me the sick bucket"
(hey! take a number)

Craig tries to make upscale napkin preparations for Kirk's dinner with Beth:
"I'm trying to fold this bog roll into a swan"
(well, first you need a swan)

Deirdre to Ken:
"I've always fancied the Maldives"
(Isn't that the couple who live on Viaduct Street?)

Deirdre again:
"Somewhere hot with a beach where they don't kidnap British people"
(Brighton during a heatwave?)

Deirdre tells Rob that Ken is sensitive about her past dalliance with a Moroccan:
"He won't even eat couscous"
(or anything containing semolina)

Deirdre after hearing Ken's plans for a caravan holiday:
"Come on Eccles, I need a drink"
(I'll have what she's having)

Audrey to Gail re: Michael
"He does seem like a thoughtful, kind man for a burglar"
(always closes the door on his way out... after breaking in)

Kirk insists that he and Beth have a magical relationship:
"If I was David Blaine and she was Gandalf, it couldn't be more magic"
(good casting)

Well, Corrie Compadres, so ends another week on the Street.  Can't wait to see Ken and Deirdre getting back to nature in beautiful Wales. I'll bet Eccles will miss them, especially if it falls to Rob the Murderer to take her for walks. (Be careful, Eccles). Thanks so much for stopping by and especially for your kind comments. I'll be back next week with more Hip and you're cordially invited to visit anytime. Cheers and have a great week!

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