Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Coronation Street: worst selfie ever

please note this post makes reference to the August 12 episode on CBC

So the Weatherfield Five (Yasmeen, Roy. Emily, Mary & Craig) have taken over the local library. Now that's what I call sticking it to the man - even if the 'man' is a minimum wage security guard who just wants to go home. No matter. The W-FIVE™ want to make a stand by sitting in. Yeah baby! Make books not war! (get on with it! - ed).

Yasmeen even took a selfie and distributed it to all the major media outlets: CNN, BBC, New York Times, The Guardian & The Weatherfield Gazette advertising supplement. Fingers crossed. Now all they have to do is wait for the story to go viral (what's the opposite of viral? - ed)

But there's a snag. A few really. Emily's not feeling too good and her 'church legs' are acting up. Mary doesn't like to leave her camper van unattended (someone might break in, make a paella and play her Julio Iglesias CDs). Craig has to go home to feed his pet rat. After all, you wouldn't want Darryl to run away and wind up living in the sewer now, would you?

Then there were two. Yasmeen the egger and Roy the railway buff. Can they possibly maintain their civil disobedience and bring down the system? Are anoraks hip? Was the Mod Squad cancelled? Stay Tuned. The whole world (well, a small fraction) is watching.

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