Saturday, August 16, 2014

Coronation Street TGIF: The Return of Ken Barlow edition

please note this post makes reference to the August 15 episode on CBC

Ken's back and boy, do we have a surprise for him. No, it's not a party in the Rovers. No, it's not a new membership card for his beloved library either (hmm, guess that makes two surprises actually). Anyhoo, the main thing is he's back and not a moment too soon. I don't know about you but I can't take any more stories about how Amy and Max are misbehaving (spoiler alert: they both end up in juvie - ed). 

Elsewhere, Todd is wearing a suit and tie at the builders' yard and skiving nicely. Michael and Gail are getting nauseatingly cosy. Rob seems to think that getting Uncle Albert's medal back will make up for killing TinaMaddie babysits Simon. Dennis punches Norris, and Rita tells him to sling his hook. And the library? Well, kind of a good news/bad news story really.  Roy and Yasmeen's protest got the closure delayed but then the library burned down, like in that movie Fahrenheit 451 (Celsius 451 in Canada).

Lines of the week:

Gail gets chummy with Michael in the backyard:
"It's wine o'clock"
(followed by barf thirty)

Rita cottons on to Dennis' plan to get back with her:
"I know all about your little charade"
(two words. First word: Get. Second word: Lost)

Michael gallantly gives Gail his jacket:
"Feeling any warmer?"
(Warmer? I'm getting a fever and stomach cramps watching this)

Gail to Nick re: his act of vandalism on Michael's ice cream van:
"The only fool around here is the one who chucked my rockery through his window"
(I guess people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones)

Mary tries to think up a protest chant during the sit in:
"What rhymes with library?"

Craig asks Mary why the library is closing:
"Is it David Cameron's fault?"
(Let's assume it is)

Audrey summarizes Gail's previous love interests:
"Con man, serial killer and death faker"
(It's all on her Facebook page)

Dennis before punching Norris:
"I've waited a long time to do this"
(well, all good things etc etc.)

Rob to Deirdre re; Ken's travels in Canada:
"Didn't he go to Calgary?"
(He thought the Saddledome was an observatory)

Ken upon getting out of the taxi:
"This place never changes"
(well, except for that messy business about the murder)

Ken announces his big news:
"I've become a vegetarian" 
(You mean you'll never eat another hotpot?)


Well, Watchers of Weatherfield, so ends another week and, let's face it, Canada will probably never get so much attention as it did when Ken returned from the Great White North bearing gifts (Maple Syrup) and tales of the Rockies (rather big). Rob even knows where Calgary is.  Have a great week and thanks for stopping by. Cheers!

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  1. re Dennis punching Norris...long overdue...they should be putting up a statue to commemorate this event in the Weatherfield square.