Saturday, September 27, 2014

Coronation Street TGIF: The Secret Life of Bats edition

please note this post makes reference to the Sept 25 episode on CBC

Why is Todd putting fruit into Jason's van? or, to put it another way, is that a banana in your exhaust pipe, or are you just happy to see me?  That's the kind of week it's been on the Street. The increasingly annoying Yasmine continues to stuff Roy's caf with books (e.g. "The Secret Life of Bats"). Neil continues to stalk Lloyd and Andrea. Steve visits dear old Dad in the Big House. Rovers wins the cricket match. Fiz and Ty make good on their threat to sue Jason. Kylie is taking Max's medicine. Actually the most exciting story is Eccles being wrongly accused of biting (I knew that dog was the real star of the show). Onward with some lines from the week that was:

Liz's reaction as Team Rovers bring their spoils of victory (an ancient video game) into the pub:
"What is that monstrosity doing here?"
(That's no way to talk about your son)

Lloyd confesses to Eileen:
"We sent a clown round to Neil's"
(was it you or Steve?)

Kylie's snarky remark to Eva about Fiz's parenting skills:
"We can't all be perfect like SuperFiz"
(One of Wolverine's colleagues, I believe)

Tracy to Ken about Amy:
"This one is a right moody cow"
(I'm afraid you'll have to be more specific)

Tracy's standard cellphone greeting:
"Hello big boy"
(your call is important to us)

Steve introduces Neil to Tim:
"This head case is married to Andrea"
(Nice to meet you, Mr. Head Case)

Amy tells a big lie to Tracy:
"Eccles bit me."
(You wouldn't blame her even if she did)

Kylie tells Eva she's ashamed that she's taking Max's medication:
"What kind of mom steals her own kid's medicine?"
(Don't worry. Joe McIntyre was addicted to painkillers and that worked out okay, or did it?)

Tracy to Deirdre
"Your granddaughter has been savaged by a wild animal"

Deirdre doesn't believe that Eccles could bite anyone:
"She doesn't have the jaw power"
(perhaps the only Barlow who doesn't)

Andrea to Neil:
"I want a divorce"
(and this time no clowning around)

Steve asks Liz what she would do if Jim died:
"I'd be doing a conga around the block"
(preferably in an animal print dress and heels)

Mary dispenses personal wisdom as she serves Andrea and Lloyd at the caf:
"I think it's fascinating how love turns hate"
(Maybe they'll take their breakfast to go)

Sally is pulling out all the stops for an intimate lunch with Tim:
"Napkins at lunchtime"
(I guess that's better than pistols at dawn)


Well, fearless followers of Corrie, so ends another week. Why do they keep putting the murder investigation on the back burner? Where is Rob anyway? Will Peter really turn over a new leaf? Tune in next week but REMEMBER the schedule change on CBC (Corrie on Monday 6.30-8 pm, and on Tuesday 6:30 to 8 pm - I think). Please check your local listings for the broadcast time in your area. Cheers and have a great week.


  1. Thank you for bringing some levity to an otherwise dull and depressing week on the show. The attempts at the "small stories", like the show used to be so good at, just don't seem to be working, and the big ones are dragging on interminably.

    1. Thanks for the comment. I have to admit it was tough sledding last week given the current story lines. At this point, they could put Ken in his kimono for 30 minutes and it would be more riveting than some of the current stories. All the best.