Saturday, September 13, 2014

Coronation Street TGIF: the sex in a camper van edition

please note this post makes reference to the Sept 12 episode on CBC

Well, you know what they say: If the camper van is rockin'... the engine must be knockin' (Gee I hope Luke can fix that).  Anyway, the bottom line is: Steff doesn't approve of the Luke and Katy combo. Elsewhere, Jason is trying to make amends for the botched loft conversion.  Fiz wants compo. Tony is trying to hide the fact that Todd cut corners on the job (using bread sticks for joists instead of wood). Liz visits Jim in jail to read him the riot act. Dev offends Julie but grovels par excellence. The shrink has appeared at the Platts to observe Max (wait till she gets a load of the other Platts!) Peter is at death's door and wants to see Carla.

Anyway, how about a few lines from the week that was?

Tony reacts to Todd's excuses for cutting corners on the loft conversion:
"You bend the truth better than Uri Geller bends spoons"
(Like Uri, Todd is quite mental)

Liz finds out that Peter is acting as Jim's proxy
"Acting behalf of a useless lump of an Irishman"
(yes, but as useless lumps go, he's one of the best)

Steff tells Katy about Luke's other "hobby":
"Nose picking and eating it"
(whatever happened to stamp collecting?)

Jim discovers Peter lying unconscious and calls out to a fellow inmate:
"Get a screw"
(Wood or metal?)

Deirdre thinks Eccles' cone is a source of anguish:
"All the other dogs are laughing at him"
(Quick, Ken, do something!)

Jim, on seeing Liz come into the prison visiting area: 
"Hello Elizabeth. Don't I get a hug?"
(No, but you'll get a pat down from an amorous screw later)

Jim reacts to news of Ken's request:
"Ken Barlow? Is he still alive?"
(Just because someone is in Canada, doesn't mean they're automatically dead)

Rob to Ken re: Peter's dire condition:
"Even bookies run out of luck"
(I bet you're wrong)

Rob discusses weddings with Carla:
"Where do you stand on chocolate fountains?"
(to the side of the spout, if possible)

Well, ladies and gentlemen of Corrie, that's it for another week. Peter seems to go from bad to worse each week.  For Ken's sake, I hope he hangs in there. Thanks very much for stopping by and for your comments. I'll meet you back here next week. Cheers!

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