Saturday, November 22, 2014

Coronation Street TGIF: the Back to Portsmouth edition

please note: this post makes reference to the Nov 21 episode on CBC Canada

Hey, where's everybody going? Peter's off to Portsmouth. Cilla is going back home and Fiz is going with her. Elsewhere, Leanne has spied Alya and Gary canoodling. Kal doesn't like Zeedan working for Tony. Anna and Owen's house has been repossessed. Tim is taking reading lessons and Sally thinks he's having it off. Tracy is still blaming Carla for all her woes. Simon doesn't want his Dad to leave but still take times to explain the Hadron Collider (nice kid).

And now for some choice lines from the week that was:

Carla reveals the complex, technical details of her new contract:
"10,000 pairs of flipping knickers"
(Isn't that the name of a band?)

Carla to Peter:
"I still think of you as a liar and a cheat and I still hate your guts"
(So, I guess that means no apres-prison sex?)

Jason is angry about Norris' insinuations about Todd:
"You shut your face, you nosy, old git"
(you shouldn't call him 'old')

Steff to Peter:
"The entire street hates you"
(I wonder if they have a Hallmark card for that?)

Tracy tells Amy that Eccles is not staring at her:
"Dogs only have one facial expression"

Carla speaks frankly to Simon:
"You think I'm a right cow don't you?"
(Don't answer. It's a rhetorical question)

Tracy to Carla re: her offer of a drink:
"Anyone who drinks with you ends up mad, jailed or dead"
(make mine a double)

Ken takes exception when Michelle insults Tracy:
"That was below the belt!"
(Where is Deirdre anyway?)

Peter to Ken:
"Even sitting in this house makes me want to drink"
(sitting in that house would make anyone want to drink)

Peter to Simon:
"I've got to sort me head out"
(and Portsmouth has some of the best head-sorting facilities in the country)


So ends another week on the Street. Things are sure to be more quiet with Peter and Cilla out of the picture. My forecast for next week? Cloudy with a chance of catfights. Thanks so much for stopping by and have a great week. Cheers!


  1. I wonder if any rock bands have a knicker collage hanging on a wall somewhere, or perhaps a deal with a company in Japan. ........What a strange world we live in!

  2. Gullible girls -gross gits! -and there's the tie-in with the show!