Saturday, November 29, 2014

Coronation Street TGIF: the mechanical (and non-mechanical) bull edition

please note this post makes reference to the Nov 28 episode on CBC in Canada

It's enough to make Sally's mind 'boggle'. She catches Tim and Anna in flagrante dictionary. With nothing more than a (dip) thong (that's enough -ed). Anyhoo, you get the gist. Sal reads Tim the Riot Act - before learning he can't read (ahem - ed).

Elsewhere, Steve and Michelle are on dangerous breakup territory due to Steve's depression. Michelle plans a theme party for a geriatric cowboy - complete with mechanical bull. Norris continues to try to get his package. Anna sadly leaves her repossessed home.  Dev winds up taking Julie to the fancy dinner where a poor man's Ken Branagh tries it on. Plattwise: Michael meets his estranged son and Kylie continues her drug-oriented relationship with Callum.

Now for a few lines from the week that was:

Hoedown Len tries to impress Liz with sweet talk:
"I can still wrap me legs around me neck"
(sort of like Cirque du Soleil for seniors)

Liz to Michelle regarding her endless patience with Steve:
"I can't work out whether you're a saint or a mug"
(or maybe Saint Mug?)

Sally to Anna after bursting into Anna's tutoring session with Tim:
"Don't talk to me, you sad, old cow"
(Hey, write that down so Tim can sound it out)

Eileen's wise words to Michelle re: Steve
"No good comes of letting your man go free range"
(although maybe he should be grain fed)

Mary to Dev re: her fake fur ocelot:
"I don't believe in slaughtering animals for the sake of fashion"

Liz to Steve re: his escapades with Steff:
"Don't you tell me you're doing a Peter Barlow!"
(you mean, he's an alcoholic as well?)

Liz to Steve:
"You have messed up every relationship you've ever had"
(what's your point?)


Well, Corrie compadres, so ends another week. Sad to see Michelle and Steve on the verge of a breakup. But good to see that the parcel service is managing to annoy Norris. There better be something really interesting in that package. I guess we'll find out next week. Thanks for stopping by and all the best. Cheers!

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