Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Peter Barlow's Message on a Bog Roll

please note this post makes reference to the Nov 17 episode on CBC Canada

Wasn't that nice of Peter Barlow to express his best wishes to his cellmate on a heart-felt Hallmark card roll of toilet paper? Kind of reminds of me that song by the Police. You know the one, Message in a Bottle. Only, in Peter's case, I think it might go something like this...

Message on a Bog Roll
(with apologies to The Police, but not to Sting and his bloody lute)

Just locked away in a prison with the screws-o

Almost killed myself by drinking dodgy booze-o

Now I’m free and I’ll see Carla in the Rovers

Yes, I had it off with Tina, but that’s over

I'll try to stay sober and clean

I wrote a nice note for Eugene

I wrote ‘Good Luck Pal, Peter’

I wrote ‘Good Luck Pal, Peter’

My message on a bog roll

(Message on a bog roll)

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