Saturday, November 15, 2014

Coronation Street TGIF: the leopard skin flashbacks edition

please note this post makes reference to the Nov 14 episode on CBC Canada

See Rob. See Tracy. See Rob run. Run, Rob, run! See Tracy run. See Tracy call the police. See the police chase Rob. Stop, Rob, stop! So ends Rob's madcap B&B, justice-evading adventure. Wonder if Peter Barlow's judge and jury are still available to do another quick trial? Elsewhere Todd got a vicious beating from that pack of rent-a-thugs who seem to roam Weatherfield. Maria and Luke are pretending to dislike each other. Cilla's up to something. Tim's illiteracy is revealed to Anna. Katy's flirting with a hunky first responder. Tracy and Carla are at odds and Ken's looking very Caribbean in his summer jacket.

Now for a few lines from the week that was:

Luke convinces a gullible Tyrone that Guy Fawkes had a brother:
"Chip Fawkes"
(I guess he tried to blow fry up the Houses of Parliament)

Ty to Kev re: finding Cilla's underwear lying around the house:
"I keep having leopard skin flashbacks"
(the horror... the horror)

Maria to Luke while assessing a used car:
"I've always wanted a cup holder"
(I thought Kirk had that job)

Tracy confronts Rob about murdering Tina:
"Hitting her with an iron bar was an accident?"
(could happen to anyone)

Tracy's response after Carla asks about Rob:
"What do you care, skank?"
(That's Ms. Skank to you)

Police confront a desperate Rob:
"Rob, I need you to be sensible"
(If he was sensible, he wouldn't be in Bolton)

Tim assures Faye that he will be changing before going to her school:
"I smell like a badger's armpit"
(he must have used Axe Deodorant)

Tracy tells Todd that she's not in a good mood:
"The man I love is in prison for murder"
(I'm afraid you'll have to be more specific)

Beth replies to Kirk's question about how the wine is going down:
"Like a greased ferret"
(...with notes of oak, vanilla and pomegranate)

Tracy's ominous conclusion about her misfortune:
"There's only one person to blame for all this: Carla"
(... and maybe the groom/murderer?)


Well, fellow Street Urchins, so ends a momentous week of Corrie. The revolving door of the prison will see Rob enter as Peter leaves. After months of mellowness, it seems that Tracy is on the warpath. That can't be good. Ah well. Thanks so much for dropping by and have a great week. Meet you back here next week. Cheers! 

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