Saturday, January 3, 2015

Coronation Street TGIF: the man trouble edition

a look back at the week that was on Coronation Street in Canada

Since when does David Platt get the moral high ground? There he is laying down the law and telling Kylie to sling her hook. The same David Platt who... um... tried to kill his mother, tried to kill his brother, tried to kill Graeme Proctor, tried to kill Jason, tried to kill himself etc. etc.

Elsewhere Erica and Nick are steaming up the Bistro. Steve goes overboard on Christmas spending and gives the brush off to poor Michelle. Sally gets her sofa back. Gary can't do anything right. Roy and Carla are hanging out. Tracy is giving Tony the eye (after their impromptu legover). Callum finally formally introduces himself at Chez Platt.

And now for a few lines from Christmas week on the Street:

Gail proclaims her dating prowess from days gone by:
"I was a world class flirt in my day"
(before the invention of the wheel)

Tracy shows Carla she's done the math regarding Rob's jail term:
"I'll be 62 when he gets out"
(how old will Tony be?)

Liz sends a message to Erica via Nick: 
"She's a dirty mare"
(I believe that's written on her business card)

Sally to Yasmeen re: Maddie
"She was practically feral before she came to live with us"
(Born to be Wild)

Sally to Tim re: her old designer 'lips' sofa:
"Easier on the eye than the backside"
(funny, that's what they say about Underworld knickers too)

Sally is getting in the mood for Christmas fun:
"Is it too early to do the conga?"
(it's always too early to do the conga)

Callum dangles a packet of drugs in front of Kylie:
"I love a white Christmas, me"
(may all your Christmases be high)

Faye is delighted by her new headphones for Christmas:
"It's like having One Direction inside your head"
(For pity sake, make it stop!)

Liz to Tony re:Tracy:
"I wouldn't trust her with a sharp knife"
(or even a blunt one)

David introduces Callum to the Platts:
"This is Max's Dad and Kylie's drug dealer"
(maybe you should leave out the part about the drug dealer?)


Well, that wraps up Christmas week on The Street. Thanks for stopping by and I'll meet you back here next week for more of the Hip. Let's see what's in store for 2015. Cheers!

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