Saturday, January 10, 2015

Coronation Street TGIF: the unconscionable behaviour of a madman edition

a look back at the week that was on Coronation Street

Steady on Roy! This goes against every rule of the International Cricket Council. Looks like Roy has been traumatized by a gang of yobbos and, before you can say 'leg before wicket', desperate Gary breaks into the caf and winds up getting clobbered.

On the bright side, it's New Year's on the Street. Kylie's still missing in action. Leanne's back at the bistro. Nick's not serious about Erica and vice versa. Anna and Owen are at odds over their kids. Gavin (or whoever he really is) and Steff finally lock lips. Norris is freaked out by Amy who is pretending that supernatural events are happening chez Barlow. Steve has virtually bankrupted Streetcars and is in the depths of despair.

Yasmeen tells Sally not to worry if her toilet is non-functional:
"Your lavatory is my lavatory"
(Mi WC es Su WC)

Sean re: super sexy Erica
"This the kind of woman who puts lead in a man's pencil"
(Get the lead out)

Amy tells Norris about her paranormal qualities:
"Sometimes I see dead people"
(not surprising given her mother's criminal record)

Erica to Liz:
"I just wish I wasn't so irresistible"
(mission accomplished)

Roy explains his violent attack on Gary:
"the unconscionable behaviour of a madman"

Liz to Steve:
"You've got a face like a wet weekend"
(and the forecast doesn't look too good either)

Well, Corrie Colleagues, that's it for another week and it's a brand New Year on the Street. Resolutions? I'd like to see Gary have something go right in his life. I'd like to see more stories with Steff and Maddie. Less of the Platts and less Yasmeen. More Luke and more Tim. That's it. Thanks for stopping by and thanks for all your nice comments. It's much appreciated. Cheers!

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