Thursday, January 22, 2015

Deirdre Barlow, we’ll miss you.

note: no spoilers were used in the preparation of this post

I’m planning to wear a belt tomorrow, a great big one.

It’s a small memorial for one of Coronation Street’s best-loved characters, Deirdre Barlow. As I’m sure all Corrie fans know by now, Anne Kirkbride (Deirdre Anne Barlow - previously Hunt, Langton and Rachid) passed away on Monday evening at the age of 60. She played Deirdre Barlow for an amazing 42 years.

I’m not going to recount Deirdre’s illustrious era on the Street. There are already many tributes on sites like the BBC and you can read about her character and history on sites like Corriepedia. Suffice to say that her trademark voice, her love of red wine, cigarettes, belts, Eccles and Ken (in that order) were priceless aspects of a unique, endearing character.

My favourite Deirdre storylines?  Her short lived marriage to Samir, the Moroccan waiter. Her arrest and imprisonment after an affair with Jon, the fake airline pilot, crook and bounder. And, of course, her on again, off again love for Ken.

Deirdre Barlow, we’ll miss you.

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